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Kia ora, hello, hallo,

I am Colette, a Prekure Certified Health  and Mental Health Coach with a background in physiotherapy. During my career as a Physiotherapist, I have seen how physical and mental wellbeing cannot be separated. My physiotherapy knowledge in combination with the health and mental health coaching tools help me to empower people to reach their health and wellbeing goals. 

I'm passionate about helping people implement and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviours to get through the waves life throws at them, following their values and reaching their goals.  

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is about helping you (re-)discover how to ride the waves of life and reach your health and wellbeing goals. Goals can be related to your physical health , your mental health and most often it is a combination. You set your goals, you are the expert on you and I'll guide the process of your journey to your destination. 

As a health coach with a background in physiotherapy I have experience in modern medicine and lifestyle medicine. I believe one does not exclude the other, they can complement each other. Both services use scientific research and evidence based practice. 

Diagnosing, prescribing or de-prescribing medications are beyond the scope of practice of a Health Coach. Should you require these services you will need to visit a registered Health Professional. I'm happy to work alongside your current health care team (incl. your doctor, psychologist, counsellor, naturopath etc) to get you the best results for your health and wellbeing. 

Health Coaching with Life Tide Health Coaching focusses on behaviour changes in areas of:




Low mood

Social connections

Stress management

Mild to moderate anxiety

Mild to moderate depression

These can affect anyone at anytime in their life and can be heightened at certain phases of life (e.g. adolescents, around pregnancy and menopause). My coaching focusses on these times when life can just overwhelm us and our health and wellbeing is affected. 

Does any of this resonate with you? Get in touch for a FREE Introduction call to see how we can help.



This is what a Life Tide Health Coaching (LTHC) Bundle looks like:

Phone on Desk

LTHC Introduction call

This is a FREE 20 mins phone call to get to know each other and know where you are at and how our Health Coaching / Mental Health Coaching can help you to get where you want to be. It's to see whether we are the right client-coach fit for each other.

Stones of Meaning

Discovery session

When you have decided you wish to engage in Health Coaching we'll book 90 mins Discovery session is to dive deeper and set some goals for your Health Coaching journey. 


LTHC Sessions

After our Introduction call and Discovery session we'll meet weekly-fortnightly in person or via Zoom to progress towards your health and wellbeing goals. Each session will be approximately 50 mins. We will check in where you are at and what you want to get out of that session. The number of sessions and timeframe of your bundle depends on your needs and choice of Coaching package. 



Would you like to know if Life Tide Health Coaching is right for you? Please get in touch via email or complete the form below and we can have a free 20 min Introduction call.

Our sessions are held face-to-face at the address below. We can also do coaching via Zoom or local 'walk and talks' if suitable.  


(+64) 021 022 176 31

Coaching Address

42 Green Lane East



Get in touch

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