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Coaching Packages

Our three Coaching packages have been designed to meet your personal needs and circumstances.

Let's work together to reach your well-being goals!

Two Ripples

The Ripple Renewal

  • Dive into your health journey with The Ripple Renewal. Ride the initial waves of transformation with personalised guidance and support tailored to your needs.

  • Features:

    • We work together over one month to reach out to your health / life goal

    • Includes one 90 mins LTHC Discovery Session and up to three LTHC sessions

    • Gain foundations for positive change

    • Email / text support throughout the month as agreed on

  • Recommended for people who:

    • want to dip their toes into a wellness coaching journey

    • want a tune up of body and/or mind

    • are ready to break through those small obstacles holding them back from reaching their health and wellbeing goals.


The Surge Vitality

  • Diving deeper with The Surge Vitality. Navigate the currents of life with personalised coaching and accountability.

  • Features:

    • Work together over three months to make powerful habit and mindset changes

    • Includes on 90 mins LTHC Discovery Session and up to six LTHC sessions

    • Going beyond the foundations for positive change, covering various aspects of physical and mental wellbeing as required, discovering what is holding you back

    • Fine-tuning strategies and address challenges

    • Email / text support throughout the three months with progress and accountability monitoring as agreed

  • Recommended for people who:

    • have been stuck in currents for a while and don’t know which way to get out of them again

    • need to find the right direction beyond the waves of life

    • are committed to make powerful habit and lifestyle changes to reach their (re-) discovered goals


Beach Sunset

The Tidal Transformation

  • The ultimate health journey of deep change and lasting transformation is The Tidal Transformation. Learning to adapt in the swell of the tidal waves of life to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, with dedicated coaching support every step of the way.

  • Features:

    • Work together over six months to reach your peak wellness of body and mind, living your purpose and rediscovering your joy of life

    • Includes one 90 mins LTHC Discovery session and up to 12 LTHC Coaching sessions

    • Building on your wellness journey to reach the peak of your wellbeing goal(s)

    • Email / text support throughout the 6 months with progress and accountability monitoring as agreed upon

    • Monthly email / text support for three months after to support maintaining of the established new habits as necessary and agreed upon

  • Recommended for people who:

    • feel that wave after wave is stopping them reaching their goals

    • have a high level of commitment to achieving optimal health and wellbeing

    • are ready to live their purpose driven passion for life


Unsure what package to choose?

If you're unsure about which package is the best fit for you, don't hesitate to get in touch. Together we can find the perfect package that aligns with your needs, preferences and goals. 

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